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We sell power like every other power company, but the reason we do, is to get it to the people and places who need it most.

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More than a power company, We're a whānau!

Our mihi to you: We’re Nau Mai Rā, the first kaupapa Māori energy retailer in Aotearoa. 

Led by us, Ezra Hirawani (Te Āti Haunui-a-Paparangi / Ngāti Rangi / Ngāpuhi / Ngāti Hako / Waikato-Tainui) and Benjamin Armstrong (Waikato Tainui / Ngāti Hine) our team and our customers are united by a radical idea that together, we can do more with our power.

Built  on  agile technology and with the spirit of manaakitanga, we offer Māori and non-Māori power customers security, affordability and the ability to pay it forward via a power bill. 

We see a future where power equity is a reality, and where all whānau have enough energy to keep their whare warm and dry. If this sounds like you, then join us and do more with your power.

"We believe that power is a right not a privilege, that people are more important than profits and that through the spirit of manaakitanga we can eliminate energy hardship"

Let’s Koha: Our collective impact

Together with our customers/our whānau, we’re stoked with what we've achieved in such short amount of time. 

We’ve kept the lights on for hundreds of vulnerable whānau, we’ve supported local marae, and we even bought a bus for a kura kaupapa in Taitokerau.

And we’re just getting started.



We're stoked at how much we've been able to save whānau, while still allowing them give back.



Our whānau has donated over $118,567.89 to our range of kaupapa, while paying less or the same for their power bill.

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I was denied from every power company because of bad credit Nau Mai Rā gave me a second chance. I now pay power in my own name and and are helping others who are in the same spot I was and it feels so good!


I give back to the whānau fund
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To show the value of what you have to offer, why not let your happy customers do the talking? It's a simple but powerful tool for establishing trust...

Thomas Lee

Marketing Lead, Oculus

Let's hongi: Connecting with you

Meet some of our Nau Mai Rā whānau. These faces represent who we are, what we are, and why we are here. Are you the next member of our whānau? We would love to connect.

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Since switching to Nau Mai Rā, I have not only saved on my power but have also helped a kura buy a bus through my power! I was with my old power company for 20 years and I have absolutely no regrets.


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I love how simple it is and how I can use my power bill to support someone who needs a hand with theirs, I love being a part of the Nau Mai Rā whānau – come join us.


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Ben called me and welcomed me like a real whānau would, it took all of 2 minutes, simple as - it was the giving back part for me, their kaupapa aligns with my kaupapa so was a no brainer for us.


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I love how I can use my power bill to help someone else pay for theirs, I was hesitant at first because of how new they were, but could not be happier with my choice and giving back without paying anything extra is


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There are so many reasons why I joined, but the knowledge that I could help others by just paying my bill is the reason I stay, I save and I give, I've never had a connection to a power company before


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